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Costume Sizing Charts

Since costumes we have are made differently from manufacturers around the world, it's commonly understood that costumes are created differently than what we see in normal retails stores. For example, you may fit two different sizes of two different costumes! To help ease the process of deciding a size, here are some general tips: 
  • "True to Size" doesn't exist: When it comes to costumes, the good ol' saying of "True to Size" doesn't exist! To put it simply, this is because so many vendors design things differently. Costumes aren't designed the same way we see things in typical stores.
  • Compare and Contrast: The best rule of thumb is to take the measurements of whomever is going to wear the costume, and compare them to the actual measurements! The closer the match, the better the fit. 
  • Never assume: Assuming doesn't do anyone any good, unless you're assuming lottery numbers and it works out in your favor. Just because you typically wear an XL doesn't necessarily mean an XL in a particular costume will fit. Always double check the sizing chart to ensure you are somewhat close to the measurements of your desired size.