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Rental Policy


By taking the items out of the package, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Rented merchandise must be postmarked/returned to us on or before the date showing on receipt. Please contact Funtime Parties to arrange for collection of returned costume or accessories.

Shipping to and from, the charge will be included in the initial cost of the order within Singapore (terms and conditions apply). Currently we ship only within Singapore.

  1. Delivery/collection within Singapore will be at SGD5 one way within 2 working days. Waiting time and CBD areas may incur extra charges.
  2. Should you not be home, costume package will be left at your doorstep or we will attempt to redeliver the next day. We use only professional courier that comes with a tracking service. 
  3. Overtime fees are equal to 20% of the total rental price per day and will be charged for rental items postmarked (or returned in person) after the stated postmark/return date.
  4. Reasonable wear to the rental items is to be expected and accepted. All items must be shipped back dry. If packaged wet they will become moldy and you the customer will be charged the purchase price.
  5. No exchange of rental item after you have place an order. Delivery/collection charges will be incurred for new costume.


  1. If items are not returned or are returned damaged there will be a charge for the full replacement cost of the items. 
  2. Reasonable wear to the costume(s) is to be expected and accepted. Damage is considered to have occurred by: tearing, burning, cutting, excessive make-up, perfume, removal of buttons, medallions, badges or other kinds of trim. Knee slides are not to be performed while in costume(s). Articles which are lost or damaged by negligence while in your possession or by improper packing for return shipment will be charged at the replacement cost.
  3. If items require additional scrubbing and if we are unable to get an item clean it will be considered damaged. Do not try to clean the item yourself as it may worsen the condition, 
  4. Any temporary alterations made to an item will need to be removed and restored to its original condition before you ship the item back. Iron on or adhesive tape is not allowed. Use of iron on or adhesive tape may result in a charge up to the full cost of the item. 
  5. Items should be returned at the condition it was delivered with all accessories attached.
  6. Items should not be washed as laundry services are included in the initial cost of the order.
  7. Funtime Parties holds the right to not return deposits should the conditions above are not abide to.